Czas kultury call for papers

Jump to navigation. I am currently seeking chapter submissions for an edited volume celebrating the centenary in of A. As recent critics have discussed, the Pooh stories are complex and multifaceted, written in many different modes and employing a vast array of different narrative styles and techniques; they have also undergone transformation and adaptation into a plethora of related cultural artefacts.

Please see below for session details and submission information. Multicultural, Multimedia Outlaws Session of Papers The outlaw figure is a universal cross-cultural phenomenon. Papers are invited for a volume on Transnational Romanticism. I have contract with Peter Lang Publishing and I still need a few papers to complete the book. Please send a word abstract by September If accepted the final paper will be due by December In the avalanche of accolades that the show was awarded, the critical discourse is only starting to emerge that demonstrates how the show has pioneered many areas, yet does have weaknesses that underpin the framework of the musical.

This panel seeks to evaluate the show, the ways it has resonated with audiences, and consider the critical conversation developing outside of traditional theatre scholars. This roundtable will look at pedagogical strategies for examining the election in Standard Freshman English Composition courses.

English Composition instructors are struggling with approaching relevant concepts ex.

Czas Kultury / English

While it would be ideal, it is not necessarily feasible or responsible to be bi-partisan with every lesson plan. Homonationalism has typically been used to name a late-twentieth and twenty-first century phenomenon in which gay and lesbian rights discourse has achieved power, in part, by donning the rhetoric of U. What earlier iterations of nationalist homosociality also comprise something like a sexual politics? The Hollywood studio system was a well-oiled machine that produced some of the most important films in history.

From innovative production practices to courageous content, the studios created big business out of popular culture.

czas kultury call for papers

Incredibly dynamic, the studio system regularly sparked creativity and ingenuity, yet was often times oppressive, as well. Tuesday, July 11, - am. Thursday, August 31, Thursday, June 22, - am. Saturday, September 30, International Association for Robin Hood Studies.

Friday, September 1, Jump to navigation. The Cabrini College Department of English and Women's Studies Program invites undergraduate students and faculty to consider questions about what and who defines body image, as well as the significance of body image theoretically and historically understood.

The human body is both a site of resistance and conformity for constructed societal standards of beauty. Some believe beauty is stable and can be physically measured, while others consider beauty to be fluctuating manifestation of a cultural ideal. Proposals are invited on any aspect of Anne Carson's Poetics.

czas kultury call for papers

PAMLA 's special conference theme is "Familiar Spirits," so papers that consider the spiritual, the supernatural and the sublime in Anne Carson's poetics will be particularly appropriate, but proposals on any topic related to Anne Carson's poetics are equally welcome.

For questions about the session please contact Diana Shaffer at diana. Keynote Address: "What kind of monster is Religio Medici? Academia is changing, and perhaps nowhere are these changes more concentrated and contested than in the field of English. As programs adjust to meet the intellectual and professional needs of students in the 21st century, battle lines emerge between established powers and those encouraging change as well as between faculty and administrators with differing views of what constitutes "progress.

There are more than one hundred approved sessions to which you may propose a paper. Shift welcomes exhibition and book reviews, as well as discussions concerning other art-related events from current graduate students.

Please see Submission and Style Guidelines below.

czas kultury call for papers

I am soliciting abstracts by scholars from all disciplines, including scholar-fans and fan-scholarsto be considered for inclusion in an edited collection on Bruce Springsteen, which will eventually be submitted to Routledge's Studies in Popular Music series.

The editor of this series has expressed an interest in seeing a Springsteen collection proposal. In the middle of Bruce Springsteen's Wrecking Ball tour promotional interview with the Paris media, one reporter observed, "so many people these past couple years look to you for your interpretation of events….

Look at us: when we were waiting for you earlier, so many people care about what you think, and what you feel about what is happening in the world. The phrase Northeast Literature refers to the writings from the Seven Sisters of Northeast India as well as Sikkim; but the diversity of this region defies any such attempt of easy definition. There are more than sixty major tribes in the region and each of them has its own language, folktales or oral literature and songs as well as different myths about their origin.

Moreover when we look at the existing anthologies on Indian Literature we find that in most of these either the Northeast Literature is missing or is marginally represented although the region is the vast reservoir of literary resources. Single papers, panels, roundtables, and alternative formats are welcome. Proposals should take the form of word abstracts, and may only be submitted to one appropriate area.

The deadline for submission is Saturday, June 14, Every year, this event affords NeMLA's principal opportunity to carry on a tradition of research dissemination and pedagogical exchange in language and literature. The convention will include roundtable and caucus meetings, workshops, literary readings, film screenings, and guest speakers. The deadline for session proposals is April 22, The abstract deadline for approved sessions will be September 30, Public Seminar asks why the polls got it wrong; Czas Kultury says up with degrowth; and Vagant bridges the welfare gap.

To escape this model, Rok suggests the need for a new narrative emphasising linkage and enduring interchange between all forms of life.

The relationship between the powerful and the seemingly helpless is repeatedly addressed in new, emerging narratives or folklore: urban legends of the supernatural, sibylline prophecies or portrayals of secret political scenarios. This is especially true in times of social and economic turmoil, when stories mirror popular uncertainty, fear and disappointment.

In the s and s, many Polish homes displayed brochures with forecasts of the coming end-times on their bookshelves, alongside the Bible, Olga Drenda points out. Exhortations blamed new value systems, a clash of generations or outlandish western fashions for the imminent collapse of civilisation. Short skirts and women in trousers came under special attack. Equally, conspiracy narratives reflect the social issues of their time more than is generally acknowledged.

The agreements were widely seen as screening a sell-out behind the scenes, and media images of generals drinking vodka with oppositionists became a symbolic expression of suspected betrayal. The Internet and social media have fostered the durability of this account, alongside myriad other unverified narratives aiming to build identities. Want to hear a human voice? Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Sparked by raids on the offices of the Bulgarian president Rumen Radev in July, after mounting dissatisfaction with the Borisov government, the ongoing protests in the country express broad resentment towards a powerful clique whose corrupt methods hark back to the criminal s.

Poland corruption consumerism. Sign up.

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Abortion ban on demand. The price of freedom A transatlantic conversation. Paradise lost?To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF.

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Czas Kultury. Beata Koper. Jakub Misun. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Conspiracy Theories. This clue immediately directs suspi- cion toward a Jewish perpetrator. And because this takes place in Sandomierz, where to this day there hangs in a church a picture depicting the legendary extraction of blood from Christian children in order to make matzoh from it, the Jewish thread has dramatically heightened resonance.

Antonia Lloyd-Jones, London Finally, however, a suspect is apprehended The story goes as follows: Commissioner Wilczur killed three people because they were descendants of peo- ple who during the Second World War harmed or refused aid to his Jewish parents. His mother died in childbirth because the daughter of the midwife who came to help her was frightened by a barrel standing near the entrance, so the two women led the Wajsbrot home.

The father, a doc- tor, who could have helped with the birth, was arrested on charges of false denunciation, as a result of which he committed suicide. Three innocent people in Sandomierz 2 Ibid. If the motive for the crime was revenge, clearly marking the crime with indi- cations of Jewishness makes sense to the extent that the avenger wishes his vengeance to have broad reverbera- tions.

That is indeed what happens in the novel.Jump to navigation. This phenomenon provokes a range of questions: How to develop sites of disasters and mass death to ensure a proper balance between respect for the victims, on the one hand, and the comfort of visitors and touristic potential, on the other? How should one approach visits to such places? Are death and memory eventually doomed to commodification? Can one act as a secondhand witness upon passing of the last survivors?

To what extent can thanatotourism act as a factor of identity? How is it related to sacralizing discourses, martyrological narratives, politics of memory, etc.?

We are seeking proposals of theoretical texts, comparative analyses, case studies, photo essays, etc. Possible topics for exploration include, but are not limited to: — the ethics of thanatotourism educational and touristic excursions to sites of memory, development of tourist infrastructure, dress codes and savoir vivre at sites of memory, etc.

Please send completed papers of up to 5, words to kuligowski czaskultury. Preliminary inquiries should be sent to the same address. Majority of the authors constituting the thematic sections have academic degrees, and all the members of the editorial staff are reputable and recognized scholars in their fields of science.

In addition to articles devoted to specific topics, journal also publishes essays, prose and poetry, press review, feuilletons and discussions about current problems of culture.

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The journal has been evaluated by The Ministry of Science and Higher Education and it has passed the verification successfully. Reviews are completed in writing and end with an unambiguous verdict in favor of either publishing or rejecting the article.

The names of reviewers for each issue of the magazine are not revealed; once a year, the magazine presents a list of its collaborating reviewers to the public.

September 15, Czas Kultury peer-reviewed socio-cultural journal.EDA Electronics Design Automation is becoming ever more important with the continuous scaling of semiconductor devices and the growing complexities of their use in circuits and systems. Demands for lower-power, higher-reliability and more agile electronic systems raise new challenges to both design and design automation of such systems. View specific Research Paper Submission Categories.

Embedded software is built into devices that may not necessarily be recognized as computing devices, but nevertheless controls the functionality and perceived quality of these devices.

Embedded systems design is the art of choosing and designing the proper combination of hardware and software components to achieve system level design goals like speed, efficiency, reliability, security, and safety.

Embedded software is of growing importance in embedded systems of all kinds. The Embedded Systems and Software sessions at DAC provide a forum for discussing the challenges of embedded design and an opportunity for leaders in the industry and academia to come together to exchange ideas and roadmaps for the future for this rapidly expanding area.

For design and verification focused contents, they can either be submitted to the regular Research Track or to the Designer Track.

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If submitting to the Designer Track, please follow the format specified by the Designer Track. Intellectual Property IP is increasingly complex, diverse, innovative, and challenging.

The complexity is driven by increasing requirements for higher integration levels that are reusable; the diversity to satisfy varying environmental conditions and constraints dictated by the different target markets.

In addition, the evolution of IP is being driven by innovative architectures to address the latency-power-performance needs of new disruptive applications, such as machine learning. The IP challenges are to cope with the complexities of advanced technology nodes. IP design is the art of choosing and designing the proper combination of analog, digital, RF hardware and software components to achieve sub-system-level design goals like speed, power, latency, efficiency, reliability, security, and safety.

EDA tools, automation and methods are continuously improved to help architect, develop, verify and manage the ever more complex IP and IP portfolios. The IP Track sessions at DAC provides a forum for presenting and discussing the challenges of IP development, verification, integration and management. It also provides an opportunity for leaders in the industry and academia to come together to exchange ideas and roadmaps for the future for this rapidly expanding area. These advances in deep learning are fueled by computing architectures tailored to the distributed nature of learning and inference in neural networks, akin to the distributed nature of neural information processing and synaptic plasticity in the biological brain.

Secure and trustworthy software and hardware components, platforms and supply chains are vital to all domains including financial, healthcare, transportation, and energy. Security of systems is becoming equally important. A revolution is underway in many industries that are "connecting the unconnected". Such cyber physical systems, e. Not withstanding the numerous benefits, these systems are appealing targets of attacks. Attacks on the cyber-part of such systems can have disastrous consequences in the physical world.Researchers of literature and history often use psychoanalytical tools.

In this way, they try to understand a text, its historical process, and even the condition of a selected social group.

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They make a hypothetical diagnosis and prove it by finding evidence in the available material. This analytical reflex may be illustrated by a single denial, splitting, and sometimes entire personality structures or relational collisions in which the participants of cultural, historical, and political disputes get involved.

In his book Meaning and MelancholiaChristopher Bolls undertook a psychoanalysis of civilization. He writes about the collision of conservatism and anti-globalization through the prism of a fragmented self, various syndromes, and paranoia. This vision is both simplifying and gripping. Our appetite is smaller.

We are intrigued by observations, analyses, and diagnoses that can be made of Polish culture by psychoanalytically reading the texts that are considered canonical. Our field of research is cultural artifacts, which form what we used to call the Polish identity.

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What will be revealed by an analysis of the behavior, characters, and relationships developed by the figures who implicate canonical patterns or models of Polishness? Will it be a psychotic, delusional, manic-narcissistic, borderline or neurotic structure?

Perhaps none of them. Therapy is clearly associated with psychoanalysis, and more broadly, with psychotherapy. We are interested in interpretations based on various psychotherapeutic trends arising from the classical thought of Freud; those that deepen it, deconstruct it, constantly enter into a discussion with it, or combine it with other methods of understanding experiences and histories transformed into stories.

On the contrary. Our interpretations will tell us more about ourselves than about the canonical texts. We will include our observations and projections in it.

The analysis will thus be an image of our relationship with the text, with the canon, or with authority. This is the main and most intriguing paradox to which the planned issue is dedicated. In this way, we will try to answer the question of who we can be and who we are in the structure of the canon of Polishness.

Please send submissions by April 30,to redakcja czaskultury. Please include a scholarly biographical note charactersyour affiliation, a list of works cited, and an abstract with keywords. Note: not all texts must be scholarly, we are also interested in interviews or essays —— such texts will not be subject to the scholarly review process, but will be evaluated by the editors.

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We will also accept several scholarly reviews of the most recent books related to the topic.

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